Almost everyone starting out in photography in recent years knows what APS-C or crop sensors are. These are DSLR sensors that are smaller than the 35mm film equivalent which is called a full frame sensor in digital terms. The Canon EOS 7D is one of the best crop sensor cameras available right now and in this digital camera review, we will attempt to throw some light on the EOS 7D.

This Canon EOS 7D 18 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera is a powerhouse built in a smaller, more budget friendly package. The result of merging the smaller crop sensor camera with the technology and picture-taking expertise of pro and semi pro full frame bodies, this version does not disappoint in bringing the best imaging capabilities into one handy package.

Digital Camera Review Video About The Canon EOS 7D

The camera that came before the 7D, Canon’s EOS 50D was a good camera to start with. It bridged the gap between the powerful but expensive full frame cameras and the entry level cheaper crop sensor cameras and came out as semi-professional model for the APS-C class. This Canon EOS 7D digital camera review shows that the 7D has not only changed the Numerical naming of this class, which used to have two digits, but also brought a far more formidable and probably best in class performance in the crop sensor category.

The imaging system of the Canon EOS 7D 18 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera is far more advanced than that of its predecessors. The size of the sensor is an overwhelming 18 megapixels and that does not even put into account that it has a smaller sensor area than full frame sensors, enabling this sensor to be more detailed compared to a full frame sensor of the same number of megapixels. And with the trademark Canon color quality, it makes it possible to take better pictures of detailed landscapes and gorgeous portrait shots.

Also with this sensor is the availability to use it as a video recording device with picture-level quality at every frame.  It has both 1080p and 720p recording, both in high definition quality which can be seen clearly on the nine hundred twenty thousand dot display at the back. This is also the reason why more and more aspiring filmmakers are taking on the Canon EOS 7D, as a more affordable and versatile video recording option.

Review Reports Found The Canon EOS 7D Camera Body Rugged And Lighter

Regarding the body of the EOS 7D, digital camera reviews have found out it is made of a lighter and more impact¬† resistant magnesium alloy than that of its predecessors, enabling the camera to be lighter while being more rugged. It has comfortable ergonomics and because it’s body is much bigger than the entry level crop sensor cameras, the EOS 7D is easier to hold in the hand and offers a sturdy grip.

Quite the only thing that lacks in the 7D is a full frame sensor, but that would defeat the purpose of its creation. The crop sensor cameras with high performance like the 7D is also useful in fields like bird watching or sports shooting because due to the smaller sensor, any lens placed on the camera has its focal length multiplied by 1.5, resulting in a closer shot compared to full frame.

The Canon EOS 7D 18 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera is a camera that has all the bells and whistles of a professional body while retaining the smaller and handier crop sensor body type. To sum up this digital camera review: It is an extremely good performer, and the 18mp sensor coupled with an 8 frames per second burst could attest to that. With the Canon EOS 7D, expect to get more for less.

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