In the Lowepro Dryzone 200 waterproof backpack reviews we have strived to put together all the useful information we could find to help others who are interested in these Lowpro camera bags.Lowepro Drysone 200

To start with the bags are the soft sided variety which will fit snugly against your body when loaded. The Dryzone 200 has come onto the scene mainly due to the success of the world renowned trekker series, also made by Lowepro.

The Lowpro camera bag has the reputation of being the first to be completely waterproof. These waterproof qualities make this the ideal backpack for those who go on outdoor photograghy trips, both professionals and just about any keen photographer who intends to head out on the adventure trail.

Terrains can vary and very often in order to get the best photos, challenging areas of terrain often have to be negotiated. For equipment to survive these condions it requires an equally rugged rucksack, such as this Lowepro product.

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Lowepro DryZone 200 Camera Backpack (Yellow)


Waterproof Camera Backpack Video

The short video below gives a good idea of what to expect from this  waterproof camera backpack.


Lowepro Dryzone 200 Features

  • Dryzone 200 also has many handy features that will give your equipment the proper protection, such as the TIZIP® which is an EasySeal zipper to keep things water-tight.
  • All the seams of these bags are waterproofed in the rubber-covered nylon drypod to add further protection.
  • The inner section is comprised of separate padded compartments which have dividers that are adjustable for your various pieces of equipment.
  • Mesh inner pockets make ideal storage for other accessories plus the tripod holder has a designated tuck- away area.
  • The carrying handle is made of a soft molded rubber sashed to provide more comfort for the user carrying the bag.
  • The outer pockets are self draining.
  • Expand the volume of the carrying capability of the Lowpro camera bag using the Sliplock loop fittings.
  • Adjust the CollarCut™ harness straps, both sternum and the waistbelt to provide a truly cusomized fit

Technical Specs of The Dryzone:

The external dimensions are: –  14.57 x 11.42 x 19.09 inches or 37 x 29 x 48.5 cms

The internal dimensions are: – 12.01 x 5.91 x 16.93 inches or 30.5 x 15 x 43 cms

Total weight is: – 6.93 pounds or 3.15 kg

Typical fits would include:

  • Four or five different lenses (up to 300mm f/2.8 with hood reversed
  • A Tripod
  • A Flash
  • And a sellection of other accessories

Previous Buyer Reviews Of The Lowepro 200

So far there have been 11 reviews left for the Lowepro Dryzone 200 waterproof backpack from previous buyers. The average rating is 3.6 from 5 stars total. Below is an example review from just one user.

“Over the course of a month, I flew 13 flights and covered a distance of over 45,000km in the air, carrying in excess of 15kgs of gear. I was able to fit the following camera equipment in the bag with ease.

Canon items included are: * EOS 1Ds Mk III body

* 24-70 2.8L
* 70-200 2.8L IS
* 100 2.8 macro
* 16-35 2.8L
* 1.4x extender
* 580EX II flash

* Wolverine 250GB portable HDD
* Various other small accessories, including CF cards, etc.”

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