It doesn’t really matter what preferences you have when thinking about a camera brand, it’s more likely than not, that you’ve noted the talk about the Nikon D90 12.3MP DX-Format CMOS Digital SLR Camera with 18-105 lens. In the DSLR market, this camera is still to this very day one of those cameras sought after by all levels of digital photography enthusiasts. Not surprising really when it’s been tagged as a best mid range DSLR camera. With tags like that we simply had to do a Nikon D90 review.

Nikon D90 Review On Video

OK, probably not the leader of the DSLR camera marketplace, but it still remains true, that the Nikon D90 has been a standard setter for a great many of the DSLR’s. When delving into many D90 12.3MP reviews, in sales as well as market share, we find that the D90 DSLR camera is actually still up there as one of most popular purchases of Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras to this day. One for the bargain hunters this one, due to the significant price drop of the Nikon D90 camera it makes it a bit of a steal in every aspect. All something to bear in mind when asking, what camera should I buy?

The technical innovations coupled with it’s trendsetting attributes makes the D90 12.3MP a most in demand DSLR camera. Reckoned as the nearest in technology terms to the Nikon D300 pro-bodies which can cost 3 to 4 times the price, the D90 gives comparable shots in a professional quality such as clarity and the dynamic ranges found in the more professional big brothers.

A major feature of the D90 we’re delighted to point out to you in ths review is,
that this 12 megapixel sensor also facilitates the use of movie shooting mode and is the first DSLR to do so and which has become the norm in the newer DSLR’s in this similar price bracket.

Nikon D90 Camera
Another handy feature of D90 12.3MP, is it’s ability to frame shots at some really odd angles and suitable for those review shots. This is made possible using the move mode or photo mode live view, utilizing the three inch display of some 920000 pixels, another standard set by the Nikon D90. Useful features when your attempting to take better pictures.

The normal kit in which this Nikon baby arrives in is the  D90 12.3MP DX-Format CMOS Digital SLR Camera with 18-105 mm lens. Although you should be able to buy the D90 without this lens, the 18-105mm standard lens kit built-in D90 package is a first class performer for most of your photographic situations.

If you find yourself in the situation of being stocked up with an array of Nikon lenses that will be compatible for the D90, you will still be able to use it and even autofocus if there is no lens motor, it will just use the D90 motor. Otherwise, the supplied and perfectly good zoom lens that comes from a wide angled 18mm to the telephoto 105mm is far more than sufficient, for our all-round needs.

Already the topic of loads of Nikon D90 critiques is the cameras video capacity. The Nikon D90 video capacity is capable of capturing an HD resolution of 720p at the cinematic body rate of 24 frames a second. This brings this cinematic body into comparable figures of a great many of the higher end of the video cameras out there and using these distinct kinds of focal lengths and apertures, obtainable through distinct SLR lenses, which makes it more versatile.

The age of the Nikon D90 is possibly the one point which holds this DSLR back. It has been overtaken by many other cameras due to it being a bit dated in today’s camera market. Age apart and being slightly left behind in the technology department, the D90 still remains a strong competitor to many of the others with features like.

Being a mid-ranged DSLR complete with internal motor,

High Megapixel

Of a tough construction,

Plus of course the HD video recording facility.

Summing up the Nikon D90 12.3MP DX-Format CMOS Digital SLR Camera with 18-105 lens, it would appear that by sacrificing a bit of the very latest tech, can get you a top class DSLR for a lot less money.

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